:!: This page is long. Please scroll down to your desired cell. Each cell/column in this form is numbered. If you do not have a copy of Form 1 in front of you, you can download a PDF version here.

1. Part Number


Please refer to 1. Part Number of Form 1.

2. Part Name


Please refer to 2. Part Name of Form 1.

3. Serial Number

Conditionally Required

Please refer to 3. Serial Number of Form 1.

4. FAIR Number

Conditionally Required

Please refer to 4. FAIR Number of Form 1.

5. Material or Process Name

Conditionally Required

Name of raw materials such as base material, weld rods, adhesives, paint or coating; standard catalogue items; secondary processes such as heat treatment, surface treatment, non-destructive testing, finishing etc.

Some examples:

  • Aluminum, 7075
  • Heat treat to T73
  • Hard anodize, black
  • Teflon coating

6. Specification Number

Conditionally Required

For raw materials, put material specification and form. This includes raw material of the main part, filler material, weld material etc.

If this FAI part is modified from a standard catalogue item, put this item's part number here.

For other processes, put process specification, class, type, grade, etc, as specified on drawing.


  • Round bar, .25 diameter, per AMS 4117
  • AMS2175, Class 3, Grade B
  • MIL-A-8625 Type II Class I
  • AN665-21R

7. Code


If your customer requires any code for material or process, put them here.

8. Supplier

Conditionally Required

Supplier's indentication code, or name and address.

9. Customer Approval Verification

Conditionally Required

If processors or material suppliers are approved by the customer.

  • Use Yes if Approved
  • Use N/A if approval is not required
  • Use No if approval is required but source is not approved

For example, if customer requires a X-ray inspection from Nadcap approved sources and our product has been inspected by a source that is Nadcap accredited, we can put “Yes” here; if customer requires raw material from Kobe Steel but our raw material was not from them, put “No” here.

10. Certificate of Conformance Number

Conditionally Required

This is the unique identification number, it can be the certificate number of special processes, material test reports, or catalogue compliance report.

Referenced reports need to be included in the FAIR package.

If the CoC from your supplier or contractor does not have an identification number, you shall assign a number and use it here.

 Sample Material test report, test number highlighted

11. Functional Test Procedure Number

Conditionally Required

If there is functional test requirement, put test procedure number here.

Referenced test reports need to be included in the FAIR package.

12. Acceptance Report Number

Conditionally Required

The corresponding functional test report number.



Supporting comments from who prepares this FAIR.

14. Signature


Same to Form 1 Cell 19.

15. Date


Date when Cell 14 is filled.