1. Not all forms are signed
  2. CoC missing
  3. Missing test reports, and FAI forms
  4. Rejection of sub FAIRs, especially when they are from suppliers.
  5. For parts that are made from multiple die/mold, FAI need to be performed for each cavity.

Form 1

To be added

Form 2

  1. Incomplete material (Form 2 Column 5). Make sure materials such as adhesives, paint, standard components, COTS etc are all listed.
  2. Cell #8: Missing special processor full address

Form 3

  1. Dedicated reports not traceable to designcharacteristics
  2. Characteristics not accounted for
  3. Missing implicit characteristics
  4. Variable data requirements from the engineering drawing are not provided with numerical results.
  5. Incorrect inspection equipment. Inspection equipment has sufficient measurement capability. Perform Gage R&R if needed.
  6. Missing actual results for features with multiple existence. Double check features like “4 places, 12x,” etc.