This handbook covers instructions of filling AS9102 First Article Inspection forms, neutral templates, common issues, and resources such as checklist, software and FAQ.

Why I created this website

Seven years ago I started my job in aerospace quality and supply chain management. Over the years, I learned a lot and practiced frequently. First article inspection is a small topic, so small that there is no book or handbook was ever published about it. But after going through many projects, I realized that this small thing is the foundation of larger projects.

After creating and reviewing over 500 FAIRs, I started drafting an internal instruction to train employees and suppliers. It was revised and expanded and has reached its 17th revision.

One day a friend from another company asked if I can share the instruction. Sure I can, and why not that I share it with everyone who wants to learn? So for a few months, I spent after-work hours reviewing requirements from some major companies, creating new drawings, replacing confidential information and technical data with CC-licenced ones, and created this website.

How to use this site

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Unless noted, all instructions and articles on this site is licenced under CC-BY-NC. This means:

  • It is free to use if you are traning yourself
  • It is free to share and adapt if this website is cited, and it is not for commercial use.

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